Liberty Suppressors and Krebs Customs unite for the A-Kaotic

Liberty Suppressors Krebs Custom A-Kaotic Can

(Photo by: Liberty Suppressors)

Liberty Suppressors and Krebs Customs join forces to bring the A-Kaotic suppressor to life. The A-Kaotic is a titanium tube, steel core AK suppressor designed for Krebs Custom’s AC-15. The A-Kaotic weighs approximately 27 ounces and has an overall length of 2 inches with a 7-inch diameter.

John Whitely, Marketing and PR representative for Liberty Suppressors, said the company felt like the suppressor love shouldn’t be limited to ARs and handguns.”There are several of us here on the Liberty Suppressors team who are big fans of the Kalashnikov platform, and, being who we are and what we do, like to shoot them suppressed. AKs are fantastic firearms, but have been woefully under represented in the suppressor industry overall,” Whitely told in an email.

The can is built to work alongside Krebs Customs rifles. A quick detach mount works with Kreb’s Interchangeable Muzzle System. The suppressor is being offered in limited quantities as either a stand-alone can for those already in possession of a Krebs or in a Krebs Custom A-Kaotic package. The package features both the AC-15 and the A-Kaotic can.

Chambered in the AK’s famed 7.62x39mm round, Krebs Custom’s AC-15 is built on a Russian Saiga rifle. Weighted at 7 pounds and with an overall length of 36.5 inches, the AC-15 features a four-prong flash suppressor with 3/4 removable birdcage compensator.

Whitely said the decision to pair with Krebs was based on the rifle company’s commitment to quality. “Krebs Custom is one of the oldest and most respected names in the Kalashnikov world. Krebs builds a top tier product and has been doing it long enough to have a long standing reputation for quality and attention to detail,” he said.

The A-Kaotic can itself will cost consumers $799, while the whole Krebs AC-15 A-Kaotic package will run $2800.

Suppressors currently fall under the National Firearms Act of 1934 which requires the devices be registered with the ATF. Currently, potential owners must undergo additional checks as well as submit a $200 fee to the ATF before approval to own is granted.

Last year, the ATF reported nearly 800,000 suppressors in circulation in the U.S. Texas, Georgia and Florida lead as the states with the highest number of devices. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearms industry trade group, told last year that the increase in ownership is attributed to expanding awareness on suppressor’s safety uses.

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