Mike Rowe shares thoughts on Orlando, then sets hater straight

Mike Rowe

Host of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs and CNN’s Somebody’s Gotto Do It, and just all-around great guy, Mike Rowe explained in a recent Facebook post how he learned about the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub Sunday.

I’m on a plane now, headed back to Baltimore, watching this nightmare unfold on the seat-back in front of me. There’s a kid sitting next to me – maybe ten years old – trying to get his head around the details of what’s happened. He has many questions, and because he’s seen me on television, he thinks I have the answers. All I could think to tell him was the same thing I always recall on days like this one. It’s a quote from Mr. Rogers.

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’

Mr. Rowe concludes his post by writing what should be the obvious, “Orlando, and the rest of us, need all the helpers we can get.”

Mr. Rowe signed off with “Godspeed,” and was immediately met with praise for his way in handling the situation.

Except for this one guy by the name of Stan Shickandanz, who was apparently appalled at Mr. Rowe’s reaction.

“I’m confused Mike’ Why would you not tell this little boy the truth,” Shickandanz scoffed. “Islam is a terror group that was given safe haven in our country by the current administration. They are here to kill you’ Why would you not tell him that. IT’S THE TRUTH. I thought it took a village to raise a child.”

Mike Rowe facebook comments

Shickandanz then received a classic Mike Rowe reaction.

“Because he’s ten, Stan. And he’s on a plane for the first time. And I’m not his dad,” said Mr. Rowe.

Mike Rowe facebook reply

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