Orlando releases names of officers who exchanged fire with shooter at nightclub

Orlando shooting

After a gunman opened fire inside an Orlando nightclub Sunday, law enforcement made their way on the scene to bring the situation to an end. Altogether, 11 officers fired at the suspect, who was shot and killed at the scene.

The officers who fired at the suspect are:

Officer Adam Gruler, member of the Orlando Police Department since 2001. He was working extra duty at the club when the shots first rang out.

  • Lieutenant Scott Smith, SWAT member and with the Orlando Police Department since 1992, was one of the first responding officers.
  • Sergeant Jeffrey Backhaus, with the department since 2004, also a SWAT member and one of the first responding officers.
  • SWAT Officer Timothy Stanley, member of OPD since 1998
  • SWAT Officer Kevin Easterling, member of OPD since 1994
  • SWAT Officer Andrew Bishop, member of OPD since 1994
  • SWAT Sergeant James Parker, member of OPD since 1991
  • SWAT Detective Raul Rivas, member of OPD since 1992
  • SWAT Lieutenant Jonathan Bigelow, member of OPD since 2001
  • SWAT Officer Ricardo Duenas, member of OPD since 2014
  • Officer Michael Napolitano, member of OPD since 2012

The Orlando Police Department confirmed that they would not release photos of the officers who were involved in the shooting. However, they did release a photo of Officer Napolitano’s Kevlar helmet, which was struck by a bullet and likely saved his life. Photos of the massive bruise left by the bullet were shared on Facebook.

Kevlar helmetMichael Napolitano

The officers’ involvement in the shooting is being investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, as the officers remain on leave, both of which are standard protocol for officer-involved shootings.

[ City of Orlando ]

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