Listen up: Walker's has truly new ear pro design


Walker’s Razor-X seems to negate all the usual complaints about hearing protection devices. (Photo: Amazon)

Walker’s, of Texas, has come up with a radically new design for ear protection with their new Razor-X earbud headset.

The company announced the device last week. The Razor-X is worn behind the neck, and has retractable electronic earbuds. The device provides sound enhancement for conversation and instruction at the range as well as 31 decibels of noise protection for shooting.

That’s more decibel reduction than most earmuff products.

The design is intended not only for hearing protection, but also to simply stay out of the way. Obtaining an interference-free cheek weld and muffs being displaced by recoil should be problems of the past with the Razor-X.

Omni-directional microphones are embedded in the earbuds for clear and directionally accurate sound enhancement. The speakers in the unit are HD quality for clear hearing.

Ear canal shape and size is a common challenge when selecting earbuds or plugs. Families and friends who share ear pro often experience fit challenges, too. The Razor-X accommodates most sizes and tastes by including small, medium and large sizes of 12mm foam tips, plus medium and large 16mm coated foam tips.

A rechargeable LIPO battery 250mAH battery powers the Razor-X, providing 10 hours of use. A micro-USB port is integral to the unit for recharging. Included with each unit is a one-meter recharging USB cord and wall adapter.

Battery life is protected by an auto-shutoff function that engages after four to six hours. After any button is pressed on the unit, hearing enhancement turns back on and the timer restarts.

The Razor-X ships with a protective case, and retails for $119.99. Although Walker’s has made the official announcement of the Razor-X and a page of their website is apparently devoted to the new-fangled ear pro, it’s not listed there, nor anywhere else that we could find, just yet.

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