Bushnell upgrades Trophy trail camera series

Bushnell trophy cam

(Photo by: Bushnell)

Outdoor gear maker Bushnell announced upgrades to its popular wireless trail camera series. The Tophy Cam HD Aggressor Wireless builds on the successes of Bushnell’s trail cameras while offering a few upgrades to entice consumers to toss the old for the new.

The Trophy Cam is a self-contained, weather-sealed camera that leaves tangled wires at home in favor of a wireless design. Alongside the cord free design, the system also comes with upgraded nighttime range and built-in GPS which sends location updates.  With HD video output of 1280 by 720 and 14 megapixel full color resolution images, hunters can expect to capture bucks with some decent clarity.

The system feature a 48 no-glow black LEDs with 60 foot range. These are low-profile, unseen by game and other hunters. The Trophy Cam also comes with an automatic day/night sensor and motion activated sensor out to 60 feet.

The full package comes with a prepaid AT&T data plan. This give users unlimited thumbnail images for the first month. Free iPhone and Android apps accompany the camera which give hunters access to quickly review images or modify settings on the go. Data plan renewals come straight from Bushnell, no contract required, and start at $9.99 per month. Roaming capabilities have been boosted giving consumers a larger coverage area in the U.S.

The camera utilizes a loT platform by Zipit Wireless. This program allows the device to immediately send images to email, phones and web as well as giving the user complete remote management of the device. Battery life is good, lasting up to three months on one set.

Darin Stephens, Senior Product Manager for Bushnell, said the Trophy Cam Aggressive Wireless series is an advanced scouting system perfect for hunters looking to up their hunting game.

“It combines all of our industry-leading features and technologies in one easy-to-use platform,” Stephens said in a release.

With every Trophy Cam users can expect a trial subscription to DeerLab. This web-based service analyzes weather and photo data to create specific information for each buck in the area. Data includes information on frequency, habits, and under what weather and conditions bucks tend to travel in the hopes this leads to better hunting.

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