Just Michael Moore doing Michael Moore stuff on twitter

Flint, Michigan’s favorite local hero turned filmmaker, Michael Moore, has spent a lot of time dropping truth bombs on the twitter-verse this week. Or some kinda bomb anyway.

Starting Tuesday, the filmmaker behind Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, Sicko and others, has been hitting social media with firearms knowledge in the wake of the tragic terror attack that left 50 dead (counting the terrorist) in Orlando, Florida this week.

There’s this

To which we should point out this white paper from the Department of the Army and this more informal assessment.

Moore followed it up with this

To which we have to drop the two ads below, both of which came out before the military adopted the AR-15 as the M-16, which kinda clearly show which came first:

colt ad from 1965 showing that Chris Costa is not as revolutionary as you would thinkcolt ad sp-1 1963

Then Moore dropped this:

To which we have the Office for National Statistics data for England and Wales alone (not including Scotland and Northern Ireland) for the year ending Dec.31 2015 that show 5,122 firearms crimes and 181 homicides but do not isolate the number of gun homicides nor the number of gun suicides or accidents.

Oh, and also this.

Now of course Moore also put this out:

And this:

And we just can’t.

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