Deadly drive-by caught on video *GRAPHIC* (VIDEO)

WARNING: This video contains extremely graphic content that includes a man’s death. Viewer discretion is advised.

A gathering of friends and family outside of a Chicago home Wednesday night ended with a violent drive-by shooting that took a man’s life. That man, 28-year-old Antonio Perkins, was recording cell phone video via selfie stick when he inadvertently captured his own murder.

Tony, as he was called, was recently given a promotion and while his family said he worked nearly every day at McDonald’s, he had the night off and was enjoying the warm, evening time air with friends and family, including two of his three children.

Tony, whose brother was shot and killed several years ago, was recording a video, nothing of particular importance, chit chat really, when around the 5:00 mark, something caught his attention as he looked up. In a split second, the worry can be seen on his face, then a flurry of gunshots rings out.

The cell phone – which was still recording – dropped to the ground and captured graphic images of blood spattered grass. Screams soon followed from those realizing what had happened.

Less than half an hour later, Tony was pronounced dead.

According to local media, authorities say the shooting was gang-related, but Tony’s family said that was a life he had long since left behind. However, they also believe he was not the intended target.

Police do not have a suspect in custody at this time.

[ WGN-TV ]

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