Howard Stern shares some thoughts on f***ing gun control (VIDEO)

During a recent segment of The Howard Stern Show, the shock jock expressed irritation over some people’s thoughts concerning guns after the Orlando nightclub shooting.

“I’m so upset about Orlando and what went down, but I can’t believe these people who come out afterwards and their answer to Orlando is to take away guns from the public,” Stern said. “It’s fucking mind-blowing to me.”

Stern pointed out that the bad guys will always have access to guns, regardless of any laws, and even at that, if they didn’t, they would still find a way to wreak havoc.

“The wolves are always planning. They’ll use boxcutters. They’ll use an airplane – fly it right into a building. They don’t need AR-15s,” Stern noted in reference to 9/11.

Stern also indicated the Jews would have had a fighting chance against the Nazis had they been armed.

“Can you imagine if the Jews, at least when the Nazis were banging on the doors, if they had a couple of pistols and AR-15s to fight the Nazis?” Stern queried. “If Anne Frank’s father had a fucking gun, maybe he at least could have taken a few Nazis out.”

Stern wrapped up the rant by saying he doesn’t like violence or any of that stuff, but also added that he’s not for taking away people’s rights.

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