It's on now: Kim Kardashian snaps at Congress over not passing gun control

Reality television personality, amateur film actress, socialite and internet wrecker Kim Kardashian West went on a tirade on twitter after four gun control amendments went down in flames Monday.

“So sad! The senate voted against background checks being needed to buy guns. So terrorists on fbi’s wanted lists can legally still buy guns,” she wrote, although those on the FBI’s Wanted List probably can’t pop in to the local Academy Wal-Mart Dicks sporting goods store and pick up an AR-15 anytime soon.

Then she popped out, “The fact that anyone can so easily access guns is so scary & after all of the devastating loss the Senate should have not failed us!!!” with three (3) exclamation marks to let her 46.1 million followers now how serious this is.

Then, to make sure you know how bad lawmakers have failed us, she fired off, “Oh & mentally ill people can buy guns without a background check too.”

Because NICS doesn’t have 4,250,388 individuals in their system that have been adjudicated as prohibited firearms possessors over mental health issues.

It’s not the first time Kardashian weighed in on guns. Last August, she went on the warpath decrying how a convicted felon in Texas, obtained the firearm he is accused of using in the brutal murder of eight people, including six children, two of which were his own, that was seized upon by gun control groups.

She also joined other social influencers for gun violence awareness day and is a fan of presidential candidates who favor comfortable pants suits.

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