Guardian clearing trap: safety in a small package


A Guardian clearing trap mounted in the back of an SUV. (Photo: Range Systems)

Range Systems, of Minneapolis, is giving a little help to the cause of safety with the Guardian Compact Clearing Trap, released this week.

The Guardian provides a safe way to ensure a pistol is clear, particularly indoors, by providing a bullet-catching ballistic rubber interior inside a box made from ¼ inch AR500 steel.

Made for handy use anywhere space is at a premium, the Guardian is 11.5 inches long and 4.5 inches wide. It weighs 13 pounds. Range Systems’ own Dura-Bloc rubber is made entirely from recycled materials, is flame retardant, and is UV-protective. The box will remain secure in extreme temperatures.

A soft poly cap on the front of the unit offers protection when a pistol is inserted, and will not mar gun finish.

Pre-drilled, teardrop holes allow the trap to be mounted on just about any flat, solid surface.

Hammered gray powder is the only finish choice for the trap, which sells for $125.00.

Consistently used, clearing traps virtually ensure that unintended discharges, if they do happen, don’t cause damage. This is especially of concern at police stations and firearms schools where a substantial amount of gun handling necessarily happens indoors. Because, as we all know, desk pop is not a thing.

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