ICYMI: Broadcast news issues correction on AR-15 'not assault rifle' (VIDEO)

Las Vegas based KVVU-TV, the Fox affiliate in Sin City aired a piece that dropped the “assaulty” notoriety all over the AR-15. Then they issued a clarification the next day.

In the piece, now removed, an individual purchased an AR-15 over the counter to see how long the process would take. In that case, 15 minutes.

Then on June 16, Fox 5 issued a terse 19-second correction.

“The term ‘assault rifle’ was used in a story where we showed the process of purchasing an AR-15 style rifle– similar but not the same as the Orland shooter’s Sig Sauer MCX,” says the first news anchor, then handing it to the second who brings it home by saying, “Neither of those are assault rifles. We realize the mistake and want to apologize for the error.”

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