XS Sight Systems serves up free sights to gun ranges

XS Sights Range Rental Program

(Photo: XS Sight Systems)

Range owners looking to score some free handgun sights can now apply for a pair through a new program offered by XS Sight Systems.

The Range Rental Program offers up one pair of Big Dot sights at no cost for ranges with rental guns. The sights are compatible with Glock, Springfield and Smith & Wesson handguns.

Approved ranges get the Big Dot swag as well as the extra perk of inclusion on XS Sight’s webpage.

The company hopes this new try before you buy approach introduces more gun enthusiasts to XS Sight Systems while also driving traffic into gun stores.

“Ranges have the opportunity to add their location to the XS Dealer Locator page, providing customers with a reason to visit,” Tanya Gorin, commercial sales manager for XS Sight Systems, told Guns.com in an email.

While ranges benefit from the boost in business, Gorin said the rental program also helps consumers in the decision making process.

“When it comes to converting customers on XS Big Dot Express night sights, seeing-for-yourself is the most reliable approach,” she said.

While most handguns opt for the standard three dot sight system, the Big Dot sights pair a large front sight with an express rear sight. The combination of these two elements aims to speed up sight acquisition and dial in follow-up shots. The Big Dot sights normally run between $95 and $135.

The rental program is easy enough to apply for. Interested range owners can visit XS Sight’s webpage to fill out an application.

Currently only ranges located in the U.S. are eligible for the program.

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