Trolls post hoax NRA page to give free handguns to 'at-risk' youth in urban areas (VIDEO)

In a lesson to not believe everything the internet brings you, a group has posted an elaborate spoof involving Smith & Wesson and the National Rifle Association.

Complete with a very official-looking statement and press release the hoaxers unveiled the “Share the Safety” program that promises that, for every select Smith & Wesson handgun sold, a second one will be donated to urban youth.

“We know that the only protection from bad guys are good guys with guns,” said Hensley Cocker, Program Director of Share the Safety. “But tragically the people who need to protect themselves the most—the urban poor—are often unable to afford a lifesaving firearm. We’re excited to watch the impact this will have on our nation’s underserved communities.”

The site even has quotes attributed to NRA News commentator Colion Noir. If that’s not enough, they have also posted two progressively over the top videos online, the first set to dramatic music, the second of a “Share the Safety press conference at Reagan Library”

A twitter account of the same name popped up earlier this month and quickly followed conservative tweeters such as Newt Gingrich, the Richard Nixon Library, and Mitt Romney, and since then has been blasting out a mix of actual links to NRA YouTube videos and their own. As for the actual NRA’s take:

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