HOA tells residents to remove flags showing support for law enforcement (VIDEO)

Residents in a Forth Worth neighborhood are at odds with their homeowner’s association for flying flags to show support for law enforcement, particularly Fort Worth officer Matt Pearce who was shot seven times in March.

The flags, known as “back the blue,” are American flags with a blue line replacing one of the white stripes through the center. The HOA, however, said the flags are not approved and has given residents an ultimatum: Take them down or face a $100 a day fine.

“The fact the HOA takes exception [to the flag] is insulting, in my opinion,” said resident Marvin Faulkenburry, who was issued a citation over his back the blue flag.

Some have complied with the HOA’s demands, while others say they’ll take their chances.

Another resident, Dave Bucklin, who has been flying his flag since February, asked the HOA for permission to fly the flag, but his request was promptly denied.

The HOA declined to comment on the situation.

[ WFAA ]

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