Man outsmarts ankle monitor with prosthetic leg, commits murder while leg’s at home (VIDEO)

An incorrectly applied GPS monitoring device allowed a man to essentially slip under the radar and commit a murder in Washington, D.C., while authorities believed the suspect was sitting at home.

Quincy Green, 34, was fitted with the ankle monitor after he was arrested for carrying a firearm without a license. However, what officials failed to realize when fitting the device was the ankle they placed it on was part of a prosthetic leg.

So while authorities believed Green was at home, he had actually removed the prosthetic leg, replaced it with another one, and left his home undetected. While out with his monitor-free leg, police believe Green shot and killed Dana Hamilton. It wasn’t until six days after Hamilton’s body was discovered that police viewed video footage that showed the shooter with an obvious limp.

After putting the pieces together, officers executed a search warrant of Green’s home. In the living room they found a box containing Green’s second prosthetic leg, complete with the ankle monitor.

“Very simply it was human error,” said Cliff Keenan, the Director of the Pre-trial Services Agency for the District of Columbia.

That error is now under investigation.

[ Fox 5 DC ]

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