FBI offers $100K for capture of woman who fatally shot pregnant mom of 2

Shanika Minor

Shanika Minor (Photo: Federal Bureau of Investigation)

A woman who is accused of fatally shooting another woman over a dispute about loud music has made her way to the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list, and the feds are offering up a $100,000 reward for information leading to her capture.

Shanika Minor, 24, was engaged in an ongoing dispute with Tamecca Perry, 23, who lived in the other side of Minor’s mother’s duplex in Milwaukee. Minor’s mother told authorities the two had an argument about a week prior to the shooting and that Minor felt disrespected by Perry.

Then, on March 6 around 3 a.m., Minor went to Perry’s home to once again confront her, only this time Minor was armed with a handgun. Both Minor’s mother and Perry’s boyfriend attempted to defuse the situation by placing distance between the two women.

Perry, who was nine months pregnant at the time, had two other children who apparently ran toward her during the argument, but Perry’s boyfriend took them away to safety. While the boyfriend was away, Minor’s mother kept herself between her daughter and Perry.

However, Minor reached over her mother’s shoulder and fired a round from her handgun, striking Perry a single time in the chest. Perry immediately retreated to her home, where she collapsed and died in front of her two children. Perry’s unborn baby, who was due to be born in just five days, did not survive.

“This was a senseless crime, and we believe Minor is capable of more violence,” FBI Special Agent Chad Piontek said in statement. “We need to capture her so that no one else is harmed.”

Likewise, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn called the shooting “a particularly heinous and brutal crime.”

Flynn noted that Minor had the chance to put down the gun, but didn’t.

“Her mother intervened several times to try to prevent what was a ridiculous reason to think of murdering someone,” Flynn said.

Minor has been on the run now for more than three months and authorities have reason to believe she may have had contact with people in Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio or Georgia. The FBI said she should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Anyone with information is asked to contact their local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy.

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