Making sure a 1943 Mauser 98K still works as advertised (VIDEO)

Hickok45 picked up a beautiful 8mm (7.92×57mm) Mauser in Tulsa with legit WWII-era cred but he hadn’t had a chance to give it a workout until recently.

Though they had a good bit of MP38/40/41 sub guns, literally tons of captured Mosins, Krags, Enfields and Lebels, and towards the end of the war a halfmillion StG44s, the primary small arm issued to the German Landser was the bolt-action 98K. Letter and number codes on these guns marked which factory produced the weapon with BSW for instance meaning the rifle was cranked out by Berlin-Suhler Waffenfabrik and S 27 set aside for Erfurter Maschinenfabrik (ERMA).

Well Hick’s is an all-matching byf, meaning it came for the original maker: Mauser AG Oberndorf.

And it seems to still be able to clock in when needed.

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