Snub-Nose Revolvers Get LaserLyte Touch

laser trainer revolver

(Photo: LaserLyte)

J-frame revolver enthusiasts are getting the LaserLyte treatment with the newest iteration of training pistol, aptly named the Trigger Tyme Revolver.

The revolver has a familiar feel, mimicking Smith & Wesson J-frames and the Taurus Model 85. Weighing 11 ounces and slipping into most standard holsters, the trainer seeks to give users a life-like, concealable experience.

“Ammo costs and availability often prohibit people from training enough with Magnum caliber guns,” Dusty Gibson, Marketing Manager for LaserLyte told in an email. “The Trigger Tyme Laser Trainer Revolver gives people the chance to become more proficient with the guns they trust for personal protection.”

Dry fire training, especially with a laser component, supplements live fire practice and is advantageous for shooters who can’t always make it to the range.

Though it has its perks, dry fire is not without its pitfalls.  LaserLyte’s solution to possible negligent discharges during training is to remove the actual gun entirely.

Using an integrated muzzle laser, this plastic version of the real deal is activated by a 5.5-pound trigger. The subsequent “bang” is a laser beam which identifies shot placement. Through this, users can work on fundamentals to dial in accuracy or quicken the pace.

The revolver is compatible with LaserLyte’s Training Target; however the system works just as well with a paper target.

The Trigger Tyme Revolver falls under the company’s three year warranty and will set you back $149.95.

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