Concealed carry for Kansas public employees takes effect July 1

Kansas state and municipal workers can now carry a concealed weapon on the job starting July 1.

The measure is part of a new law, introduced as HB 2502, that went into effect along with 11 others on Friday.

The measure allows public employees, except for school employees, to carry on the job with or without gun safety training, The Wichita Eagle reports.

State employees were already allowed to carry in public office buildings in most cases, but this change enables them to carry weapons when they go out into the community on official business.

Supporters say this will allow public employees to protect themselves on the job. Opponents say it violates the personal property rights of homeowners and creates potential safety risks because employees are not required to take gun safety training.

In May, lawmakers approved the measure 92-28 in the House and a 32-6 vote in the state Senate. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signed the legislation without comment.

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