This guy whipped up a 200W 'laser bazooka' at home from eBay parts (VIDEO)

YouTuber Styropyro came up with a working laser that he feels is the most powerful one ever built by a home hobbyist then proceeded to see just what he could do with it.

Noted for his past efforts at making a 40W laser shotgun and a 7W homemade lightsaber, Styropyro used scrap metal and a quartet of salvaged 50 watt blue lasers repurposed from some DLP projectors along with some knife edge arrays in his latest effort.

It’s portable and uses a stack of lithium-poly batteries for power.

The underwhelming results include the ability to cut through a block of wood, ignite powder and barium flare mix, pop balloons, and blind you “instantly and forever” as a direct hit to the eyes is 33 million times more powerful than looking at the sun– which everyone agrees is a rookie mistake.

He is planning an impulse laser that “peaks in the megawatts.”

Somewhere in California a lawmaker is spitting milk out of their nose.

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