Crowd-funded short film takes aim at gun free zones (VIDEO)

Through the plot device of a time traveler, a short film foretells what happens when a killer sees a little sign saying he can’t bring a firearm inside.

Entitled “Praesidium” the five-minute short was written and directed by Paul Myzia, a Warrenville, Illinois cinematographer behind Reel Clef Studios. In it, a man with a special watch capable of resetting time itself desperately attempts to travel back and avoid the brutal killing of a woman close to him.

When an ever-increasing series of gun free zone signs fail, he turns to leaving a gun in the past as an alternative.

“Our government is deceiving its citizens to think they are safer with stricter gun laws,” wrote Myzia on the Indegogo page for the project.  “This is absolutely false. By allowing something as simple as a little sign that says ‘no guns allowed,’ we are giving up our freedom, and in a growing number of cases – our lives. The idiocy of the idea that a killer will see that sign, and turn around and leave is just absurd.”

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