Project to make '95 percent' 3-D printed semi auto pistol moving forward (VIDEO)

Using an aftermarket Glock 9mm barrel and a few springs and internals, a West Virginia man has 3-D printed the rest of the gun from scratch.

We brought you the story of DIY gun maker derwoodvw, a 47-year-old carpenter, and his very AR-ish/Tec-9 looking Shuty MP 1 semi-auto pistol made almost completely of plastic back in February and since then he has made a number of improvements, especially when compared to the initial concepts back in 2013.

He has gone with the Warfairy-designed Gluty lower which uses G17 mags along with some tweaks on the Shuty-1 upper.

Derwoodvw says he has some 3,000 jam-free 9mm rounds through the lower and 1,200 on the upper so far.

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