CHiPs’ Erik Estrada deputized, vows to take on internet child predators

Famous for his spot as a motorcycle cop in the ‘80s television series “CHiPs” Erik Estrada was sworn in as a bonafide reserve deputy in the rural town of St. Anthony, Idaho, Saturday, and his focus as a real-life officer will be on protecting youngsters from internet child predators.

“Education is the best protection, especially on the internet,” Estrada said.

Police Chief Terry Harris noted that even in a small town like St. Anthony, which is generally considered to be safe, internet crimes against children are still a very real threat.

“I think that this brings to the surface that (internet crime) happens in smaller communities. Everything that happens in the big cities, happens here,” Harris said.

Estrada has worked on internet safety with various law enforcement agencies over the last decade, but his choice to settle down with St. Anthony came down to the lack of red tape and politics where crime is concerned. He noted that the first 72 hours are the most crucial with a child predator case, and at such point, red tape and politics only slows the process.

Likewise, Harris confirmed that Estrada’s partnership with the department is long-term.

“He’s a great guy. He’s going to be a great part of the team,” Harris said.

[ Standard Journal ]

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