Just going for a walk with a belt-fed 7.62x51 NATO (VIDEO)

Whenever you see a frost giant like Hickok45 headed out for a walk on the plains with a belt-fed “intact” M60, you know exactly how it’s going to end.

The M60, known by those who carried them for generations as “The Pig” was based loosely on the German FG42/MG42 machine gun and first adopted in 1957 alongside the M-14 to replace the venerable 30.06 BAR M1918 and Browning M1919 in the then-new 7.62x51mm chambering.

Though the M14 was largly replaced by the M16 (and later the M4) in most instances during the Vietnam-era, the M60 soldiered on until phased out by the M240, itself derived from the FN MAG 58– although some later model M60Es still chill in a few military armories.

And Hick looks like he has one of those latter versions that seems  to work just fine.

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