USMC ups the weight guidelines for women

Marines weight women

The weekend brought some big changes to weight guidelines for women looking to join – or stay in – the Marines.

An extra five to seven pounds per inch of height was added to the guidelines, meaning a woman who stands 5’6” tall previously had to weigh 155 pounds or less, but now can weigh up to 161 pounds, and a woman 5’9” tall once had to be 169 pounds or under, but can now weigh up to 176 pounds.

Gen. Robert B. Neller made the announcement Friday, along with a call for an overhaul of the Marines’ combat fitness and annual physical fitness tests.

The weight shift was called historic and was a move made to fully integrate women into the service, according to Neller.

β€œWe will monitor the effects of these adjustments for two years and then adjust if required to ensure our standards continue to contribute to the effectiveness of our force and enhance our ability to respond when our nation calls,” Neller said.

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