Just a pug driving a historic army tank set to a Seven Nation Army dubstep (VIDEO)


"Just A Pug Driving An Army Tank….." ~Atom.Special Thanks To:Ontario Regiment Museum GoPro El Cachorro Couture FeiyuTech Removu GO PUCK Modern Technocracy

Posted by Atom The Pug on Sunday, June 5, 2016


Atom the pug had a chance to armor up on a visit to the Ontario Regiment (RCAC) Museum in Oshawa, Ontario and put his knowledge of advanced tank tactics to the test.

The museum, has a collection of over 80 operational military vehicles including jeeps, trucks, carriers and tanks and shows them off regularly including at the very popular “Tank Saturdays” where they put on live demonstrations of functional armored fighting vehicles such as the Sherman (“Bart” #78-904) that Atom got some hours on.

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