The Young Turks: White people with guns not killed by cops (VIDEO)

The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur asks why hasn’t the National Rifle Association spoke out in the wake of the shooting death of a black concealed carrier in Minnesota and addressed the differences in how police respond to armed black vs whites.

“When a white guy is seen wandering around in public waving a gun, the police usually try to talk him down; he’s probably just having a bad day. Even if the white guy happens to be pointing his gun directly at an officer, his interaction with the police is unlikely to end in the exchange of gunfire. This is called white privilege,” Uygur said.

“Recent history suggests there’s a certain methodology for how police handle nearly identical gun-related incidents: white guys get arrested, while black guys get shot. Outraged? If not, you need to pay attention,” he said.

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