ATF new rules on NFA start July 13

A room full of machine guns called the "weapons vault" at Battlefield Vegas. (Photo: Battlefield Vegas)

A room full of machine guns called the “weapons vault” at Battlefield Vegas. (Photo: Battlefield Vegas)

In preparation of implementing new rules regarding the National Firearms Act, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives released a summary of the changes for owning machine guns, silencers and other NFA items.

Starting July 13, ATF rule 41F officially amends how one makes or transfers NFA items. “The goal of the final rule is to ensure that the identification and background check requirements apply equally to individuals, trusts, and legal entities who apply to make or receive NFA firearms,” the guide says.

The ATF lists the primary change as redefining the term “responsible person” in reference to a trust, partnership, association, company or corporation. A responsible person is considered: Settlors/Grantors, Trustees; Partners; Members; Officers; Board members; Owners; or Beneficiaries.

To be considered a responsible person, the individual will be required to complete the necessary federal paperwork — ATF form 5320.23, NFA Responsible Person Questionnaire and to submit photographs and fingerprints — and that the documents are forwarded to the area’s chief law enforcement officer. Obtaining a CLEO signature is no longer part of the process.

For those who applied as a trust or legal entity before July 13, there will be a number of changes as well. The ATF says all responsible persons named must undergo a federal background check and complete the necessary federal paperwork, which must be forwarded to a CLEO.

The U.S. Attorney General signed off on the rule change in January. Read the full Questions & Answers sheet for more 41F changes.

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