Who says a lever-gun is slow? (VIDEOS)

Watching footage from a Cowboy Action Shooting match will school any doubter that 19th Century firearms technology was unwieldy.

In the above vid, you see the Top Female and Top Male shooters at the 2016 SASS Winter Range go head to head in a shootout, beginning with lever action rifles, transitioning to single-action revolvers, then to a SXS shotgun, and back to their cowboy carbine for a quick reload and fire.

If the female competitor looks “scary good” it is because she is Jessica Kirkham aka SASS Kicker (#91899) the 2015 Overall World Champion of Cowboy Action Shooting. In 2014, Kirkham was the Winter Range Junior and Overall Women’s National Champion and has been the Womens State Champion in Nevada and Arizona several times.

How much does Kirkham shoot to get that smooth?

“[G]enerally once or twice a month, three to four hours long and we usually shot around 1000 rounds per practice.  Dry firing took place in our basement, five days a week and usually an hour long,” she said in an interview.

In the interview she says she runs a modded Model 73 .357 lever gun, Ruger Vaqueros and an SKB100 side-by-side.

Here’s a bonus vid of her taking on another female competitor and it isn’t even close.

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