Parents of sick child en route to hospital blocked by Black Lives Matter protesters (VIDEO)

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A family seeking emergency medical care for their small child Sunday night in Memphis found themselves trapped on a bridge, unable to get past Black Lives Matter protesters who had blocked traffic.

Bobby Harrell, a paramedic with the Crittenden EMS, said they received a frantic call from the family. Paramedics were determined to get to the child in need, but were only able to do so with the assistance of the sheriff’s department, who escorted them the wrong way down the interstate.

At least one witness captured the moments the parents handed the child over a concrete median and into the care of first responders. But even after they had the child in the ambulance, Harrell said they had to take an alternate route, adding another 25 minutes to get to the hospital.

Harrell did not elaborate on the medical emergency or the condition of the child, other than saying they got to the hospital just in time.

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