8-year-old California kid fights off kidnapper using Kung Fu move (VIDEO)

An 8-year-old girl was almost kidnapped early Sunday morning, right from her bedroom in her El Cajon, California, home, but thanks to some martial arts moves, the little girl is still safe at home with her parents.

Police say the intruder broke into the house by removing the screen from an open window, then snatched the little girl from her bed as her parents slept soundly in another room. But as the intruder dragged her down the stairs, the little girl fought back using previous self-defense and martial arts training.

The girl said she did a Kung Fu pressure move on his neck, causing him to drop her. She then ran to her parents’ room for help, as the intruder made his way out of the house.

Police quickly responded to the parents’ call for help, but a search using a K-9 was unsuccessful.

The girl described the intruder as a white male with very tanned skin, about 5’8” to 5’10”. She said he was carrying a backpack with a lot of zippers and smelled like garbage.

[ KTVU ]

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