Noir does NPR on guns and Philando Castile (VIDEO)

NRA News commentator and Pew Pew Life guru Colion Noir appeared on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition to debunk criticism of the group not saying more on Castile’s death.

On July 6, 2016, in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul, Philando Divall Castile, 32, was involved in an officer involved shooting that left him dead. It was widely reported that Castile was a concealed carry permit holder.

For Noir, who commented extensively on social media in the hours and days after Castille’s fatal shooting, the incident hit home.

“As a young black man who’s 32 years old, has a concealed carry license, has been pulled over several times, it was something that I immediately could relate to,” said Noir. “I’m not naive as to deny what some people’s experience in this country is considering their race. So for me, it hit home because I was like that could have easily been me.”

Noir said that as a concealed carry practitioner, he has to be more cognizant of his surroundings.

“If I’m out somewhere – let’s say I’m in a place where there may be a fight going on. And I’m going to have nothing to do with the fight. I need to remove myself from that place immediately. So it’s a kind of heightened state of awareness that tends to happen when you start to carry a firearm. And it’s a responsibility that I take a lot of pride in,” said Noir.

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