DOJ set to review police handling of Pulse nightclub shooting

pulse nightclub shooting orlando police DOJ review

DOJ will review Orlando police’s action during last month’s Pulse nightclub shooting. (Photo: The Associated Press)

The Department of Justice will review law enforcement response in last month’s Orlando nightclub shooting, according to announcement issued last week

The after-action assessment, headed by Justice Department’s Community Oriented Policing Services, will tackle topics like police preparation prior to the shooting and tactics used to end it.

“The lessons learned from this independent, objective and critical review of such a high-profile incident will benefit not only the Orlando Police Department and its community; it will also serve to provide all law enforcement critical guidance and recommendations for responding to future such incidents,” said COPS office Director Ronald Davis in a statement.

The federal review was initiated by Orlando Police Chief John Mina. Mina told the Orlando Sentinel that he hopes a third-party perspective will provide insight for other departments.

“In these types of situations there will be lessons learned,” he said. “We want to pass along any lessons learned to law enforcement agencies around the entire world.”

The Pulse nightclub attack ranked as one of the most deadly mass shootings in modern U.S. history. What began as a peaceful night erupted into violence when a lone gunman stormed the club. The gunman killed several club-goers before engaging in a three hour stand-off standoff with police. The incident ended when Orlando SWAT entered the building, killing the shooter. Forty-nine people died and 53 were injured in the attack.

Among some of the more notable reports from the COPS office was a review on police response during the protests last year in Ferguson, Missouri after the high-profile shooting of an 18-year-old black man. That report called on the Missouri department to improve training and enhance protesting procedures.

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