Are these 9 foods harder to purchase than a gun?

gun sales

The folks over at Mic recently put together a piece showing nine foods which they claim are more difficult to get than a gun.

The article did highlight that in order to purchase a firearm legally, there are some restrictions, depending on the state in which the purchase is made. The writer did not, however, take into account (among a slew of other details) that other things – even some on the list – are bought, sold and traded on the black market on a daily basis.

Nonetheless, while some of the claims are questionable at best, I can certainly appreciate the creativity of the piece.

And with no further ado, here are β€œ9 foods that are harder to buy than a gun.”

gun salesgun salesgun salesgun sales

gun sales

The author did note that you cannot eat food stamps, but explained they were included on the list because they can be used to purchase food items.

gun salesgun salesgun sales

[ Mic ]

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