What this guy does to this rifle barrel should be a sin (VIDEO)

An anti-gun group in New Mexico is kicking off a campaign to buy unwanted guns and turn them into sculptures and garden tools.

New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence (NMPGV) was founded in 2013 and, through their From Guns to Gardens program, wants to purchase guns from those seeking to get rid of them and, working with a Colorado group called RAWTools will transform them into shovels and stuff as shown in the shocking video above.

Under the NMPGVs scheme, the guns would be halved (literally) and shared with RAWTools and student groups who will make sculptures from them. The kickoff event is set for next month.

Here’s a thing– they could always just sell the guns to an FFL and take the cash and buy some Home Depot gift cards or something. Maybe take those and give them to struggling people so they can plant sustenance gardens.

But then, that would be a waste of time, money and effort, right?


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