Let's talk about the 'World's First' hand-held 5.56mm Microgun (VIDEOS)

Sure, you know the M134 Minigun, but how about the hand-held XM556 Microgun that tips the scales at about one-fifth the weight?

The Minigun, which weighs in at about 85 pounds in its traditional format and fires 7.62x51mm NATO about as fast as a fat kid can go through a stack of twinkees, is well-known and loved among those who ain’t got time to bleed. However, Empty Shell LLC of Spring, Texas went all-in on a tiny little variant of the Mingun that they like to call the XM556 Microgun.

Designed and built from scratch as a replacement for the GE XM-214, the 5.56mm version of the Minigun, it only weighs about 16 pounds– which is lighter than a Para M249. Using either 10 or 16 inch barrels (!) the gun is just 22-inches long in its shortest config and using M-27 Linked Ammunition Belts, will spew 5.56 at 2000-4000 rounds per minute, which is a good start in our opinion.

Here it is with 100 inert rounds

Due to the insanity of the Hughes Amendment (contact your Congressman) it will most likely it will be for military/LE sales only.

The video doesn’t really do it justice as to how >small< this thing really is, so here are some comparative shots from Empty Shell’s Instagram to show you how it stacks up against some common firearms you may be used to.

"Get some Corey"

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