DIY gun designer attempts to make an scary Mass. 'assault rifle' (VIDEO)

Let's build assault rifles together, inside the beard@insidethebeard Hey just a big thanks to everyone for helping this video go so far,Shane Jernigan I'd like to try and do some more in the near future. Feel free to message me with any input or ideas!

Posted by Jonathan Field on Sunday, July 24, 2016

Jonathan Field gets rid of the stupid safeties, goes full Vogue dump mag (with clips) capable of holding 325 rounds, adds a collapsible buttstock, pistol grip, bayonet(s), and some Scope mouthwash in his build for a non-Massachusetts compliant assaulty weapon.

Warning, the hi-capacity magazine has two clips.

And the Scope is 16 ounces.

You are not prepared.

Quick, call, Maura Healey.

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