Suppressed lever gun via Henry and Griffin Armament (VIDEO)

Dustin Ellermann meets the old Teddy Roosevelt aesthetic by mating a 3-lug Griffin Armament 9mm Revolution on a Henry Lever Action .357 Steel Carbine.

Before you go and say that a can messes up the classic cowboy carbine styling, keep in mind that the 26th President of the United States back in the 1900s liked to keep a 1894 Winchester lever gun mounted with a Maxim Silencer for those quiet moments around  Sagamore Hill when he wanted to plink without waking the neighbors.

Of course Ellerman’s rig is a bit more updated and has a shorter 16.5-inch barrel to keep the half-foot of Griffin from making the gun uber-long. Still, it’s a 9+1 magazine tube and with subsonic .38 SPLs loaded, you can hear the whack of the target in the distance rather than report and echo.

TR, as the only President on Mt. Rushmore to have used a Silencer, would likely approve.

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