Would be carjackers take a soaking from chill dude at car wash (VIDEO)


Without even losing the ash off his ciggy, a Louisiana man turned the spray nozzle at the pair of wanna-be carjackers and made a clean get away.

Michael Davis of Shreveport was out getting his ride clean about 2 a.m. Wednesday (hey it’s hot this time of year during the day in the South) when he looked up from his suds job to see not one but two gun-armed citizens approach danger close and asking for cash.

Thinking fast, Davis turned the only gun he had on him– the pressure washer– on the apparent thugs and even turned the nozzle into an impact weapon when one came too close.

A dash-cam (it’s Shreveport!) captured the incident.

“I wish it was a fun little acting video or skit or something like that but our lives were really in jeopardy, that’s why we called police as soon as we could and got them to come out here and we made a report,” Davis told KSLA. “I wasn’t going to give up my car or money to some little thug like that there’s just no way.”

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