U.S. Olympian Kim Rhode takes her shot at history to dispel stigma (AUDIO)

It’s pushing 100 degrees outside and the Southern California sun is baking the fields of shattered clay at the Redlands Shooting Range — but it’s a training day for Kim Rhode, so she shoulders her 12-gauge over-under shotgun, dumps a few boxes of shells into her pockets and heads out to the skeet field.

When you’re this close to the Olympic Games, every day is a training day — even if it’s an old, familiar drill.

Rhode has a shot at history this summer in Rio. “No pressure,” she says. With a medal-finish in skeet shooting this year, she would become the first Olympic athlete to medal in six consecutive Summer Games. She won the first — a gold — in Atlanta, just days after her 17th birthday.

Now 37, she’s got more on her mind than just history. Fame and recognition as one of the best shooters in the world has put her in a unique position to become more politically active too.

[ NPR ]

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