The Hi-Point C9 can be amazing ! (VIDEO)

The folks at Top Guns parody the attributes of the Hi-Point Firearms C9 model 9mm semi-auto pistol. Sure, there are lots of firearms magazines that write glowingly about these guns (Google: “sponsored content”) but a lot of folks’ mileage varies on these.

“The Hi-Point comes in any color you want, as long as it’s black– because nothing more tactical than black,” but wait– there’s more!

All kidding aside, if you can only afford/find a Hi-Point, it’s still a better option than some of the legacy jam-amatics and pot-metal revolvers on the market that predate the 1968 GCA (Lorcin and Rohm, we are looking at you). Luckily, the company has a no-questions asked lifetime (for the gun, not the owner) warranty and they have outlasted lots of brutal torture tests.

And of course, it’s parody. So laugh and don’t get too butt-hurt if you are a Hi-Point true believer. And Top Guns, watch that muzzle control. Cue safety nazis in 3…2…1.

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