Trijicon acquires fellow optics maker IR Defense

Competitive shooting with a Trijicon scope. (Photo: Trijicon/Facebook)

Competitive shooting with a Trijicon scope. (Photo: Trijicon/Facebook)

Trijicon acquired fellow optics maker IR Defense Corporation, according to an announcement Tuesday.

The Michigan company said the purchase will enhances its “ever-expanding product portfolio as well as provide new technology for product innovations” for sports shooters as well as military and law enforcement.

IR Defense brings tech like night vision and thermal imaging to its optics. “We see an opportunity to invest in and grow the business while providing strategic technology to Trijicon,” said Stephen Bindon, Trijicon’s president and chief executive officer.

“The night vision market continues to grow at a phenomenal pace and the acquisition of IR Defense Corp., gives us a very unique opportunity to enter this market by providing thermal imaging products to end-users across the spectrum,” he added.

Other companies in the industry have been shifting to electro-optics — optics with some sort of electronic component for enhanced functionality.

Last month, gun maker Smith & Wesson acquired Crimson Trace and said it will use it to launch a new electro-optics division for the growing company.

One of the fastest growing companies in the country, SilencerCo, launched a “skunkworks outfit” in Austin, Texas, last September. The SilencerCo Weapons Research debuted by releasing a scope equipped with a rangefinder.

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