87-year-old Army vet robbed at gunpoint while sitting on his front porch (VIDEO)

An elderly man who has lived in the same Detroit neighborhood for more than half a century promptly left after he was robbed at gunpoint while sitting on his front porch Monday afternoon.

The victim, who did not want to be identified but has since moved to Georgia, said the three suspects first approached him and asked if he would sell drugs to them. When he said no, they pulled out a gun and took all the money he had.

The trio made off with $230, but the neighborhood lost a man who has done much for the community. He started working at the age of eight and saw all nine of his siblings through school. After that, he joined the Army and served in the second World War. Although he only had a second grade education, he started his own business and grew a successful paving company. He hired a great number of youngsters throughout the years, many of whom credit him for helping to keep them out of trouble.

The victim’s friend, who talked with reporters after the robbery but also wanted to remain anonymous, said they’ve seen the city go downhill and they just aren’t sure about this younger generation.

“I believe these kids grew up with no male influence,” he said, “taught themselves to be young men… unsuccessfully.”

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