Archie Bunker on gun control circa 1972 (VIDEO)

Showing that as the arguments around more gun control “gun violence prevention” change, the more they stay the same, here’s an editorial from Mr. Bunker.

The excerpt is from the Season 3 opener of All in the Family in which Archie got a chance to deliver an editorial on a local TV station which aired Sept. 16, 1972.

On the first step towards tyranny:

Good evening, everybody. This here is Archie Bunker of 704 Hauser Street, veteran of the big war, speaking on behalf of guns for everybody. Now, question: what was the first thing that the Communists done when they took over Russia? Answer: gun control.

On airliner security:

All you gotta do is arm all your passengers. He ain’t got no more moral superiority there, and he ain’t gonna dare to pull out no rod. And then your airlines, they wouldn’t have to search the passengers on the ground no more, they just pass out the pistols at the beginning of the trip, and they just pick them up at the end! Case closed.

If only you could draft Archie for BATFE/TSA Director…

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