George Zimmerman punched in the face in FL restaurant (VIDEO)

While socializing at Gators Riverside Grille in Sanford, Florida, George Zimmerman – who by now needs no introduction – was punched in the face by a fellow patron.

Zimmerman apparently passed by a table and took a moment to compliment a man on his Confederate flag tattoo. The tattooed man then asked Zimmerman about the Trayvon Martin case, but another man sitting nearby didn’t take too kindly to the conversation.

According to Zimmerman, the man approached him and asked, “You bragging about that?” referring to the Martin case, before punching Zimmerman in the face. Zimmerman, in turn, called the police.

“He said he was going to kill me,” Zimmerman told the dispatcher. “You need to send like three or four cops,” he added, apparently not confident in the dispatcher’s ability to do her job without his assistance.

The man who punched Zimmerman has only been identified as “Eddie.” Authorities said he could face charges, but in the meantime, a quick search of “George Zimmerman,” shows the vast majority of Twitter users are applauding Eddie’s actions.

Likewise, a spokesman for the restaurant declined to comment on the incident, but did say Zimmerman was a “troublemaker” who is no longer allowed in the establishment.

[ USA Today ]

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