70,000 guns lost or stolen in California, many used in later crimes (VIDEO)

A six-month investigation found nearly 70,000 guns were lost or stolen in California over the last half-decade and many of those same guns were later used to commit other crimes. That’s about 34 guns every day that are stolen from legal gun owners. Some were later used to kill innocent people across the state.

NBC Bay Area obtained a California Department of Justice database containing the unique serial number of every gun reported lost or stolen in California between 2010 and late 2015 – about 70,000 guns in total.

In an unprecedented six-month joint investigation into the impact of stolen guns in California, NBC stations across the state teamed together to request crime records from 72 different law enforcement agencies where a gun was recovered. The team then cross-referenced serial numbers contained in the database with the serial numbers of more than 66,000 guns seized by police in connection to crimes dating back to 2010.

[ NBC Bay Area ]

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