Implant-activated smart gun concept is here (VIDEO)

Motherboard meets with biohacker Amal Graafstra who built what they term the world’s first implant-activated “smart gun.”

Working from “Dangerous Things” inside his garage headquarters in his Mount Vernon, Washington, garage, Graafstra has converted what looks to be an FN PS90 to only work when he holds the grip. The trick? An RFID implant Graafstra has in his hand paired up to a battery powered reader and antenna in the gun itself that locks out the trigger.

While there are tons of personalized firearm concepts out there, and even some in limited production, Graafstra sees his prototype as just two old technologies coming together to form one that works without the downfall of wearing a ring or watch or hoping that the fingerprint reader is working when the fit hits the shan.

A big issue identified by the inventor is, logically, those concerned about having biotech implants, pointing out that many who are 2A advocates also dislike the concept of getting a chip from anybody for any reason.

“The combination of needing an implant to operate your weapon– it may have some challenges,” says Graafstra in perhaps the biggest understatement of the segment.

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