Burger King receipt leads to arrest of suspect in police car pipe bomb (VIDEO)

Thanks to a bag a trash left at the scene, a suspect is in custody for planting a pipe bomb on the hood of a police vehicle in Thurmont, Maryland, last week.

The homemade pipe bomb exploded on the officer’s patrol car, which was parked just outside of his home, and shook the entire neighborhood. Although there was extensive damage to the vehicle and fragments of the bomb, which included nails, made their way into the officer’s home, no one was injured. The incident, however, left neighborhood residents feeling a little more than uneasy.

During the investigation, authorities found a bag of trash containing remnants of a fast food meal and a receipt from Burger King. The debit card purchase led authorities to 22-year-old Kyle Rutger Mueller, who apparently has a history of making homemade explosives. Further investigations revealed Mueller purchased pipe-making materials from a Lowe’s store in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

Mueller, who said he didn’t specifically target law enforcement, is charged with four counts of possession of a destructive device, two counts of malicious destruction of property and one count of reckless endangerment.

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