This guy makes a killing rolling gun-themed joints (VIDEO)

smokeable art

Tony Greenhand got $7K for this trio.

Tony Greenhand – which may or may not be his real name – earns a nice living through a somewhat unusual art form. He calls it “smokeable art.” His medium? Marijuana.

Some of Tony’s latest creations include hand-rolled blunts shaped like an AK-47, a golden handgun and a grenade, all of which he sold for a hefty $7,000. Tony wouldn’t say who made the purchase, but noted it was someone who flew in from Miami to pass them along to “music people.”

Tony’s creations, which also include a pizza and a Pikachu, can be seen on his Instagram account.

smokeable art

Talk about fire power.

smokeable art

Because nothing goes with pot better than pizza.

smokeable art

Forget cigars, custom-made joints are all the rage.

smokeable art

Greenhand even got in on the Pokemon craze.

[ Local 12 ]

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