This is one deadly chick according to some (VIDEO)

From close retention to long range head shots, Amanda K. Ries seems to drawing from concealment, Glock 19s, and ringing steel.

Noted firearms instructor Baret Fawbush seems impressed with her.

Wanna meet a deadly chick? Her name is @amandakries and she sells guns for a living. She came down to spend some time with us for the advanced CCW course and then stayed an extra day to work on some retention shooting. After spending several hours dry firing over a two day period, she turned up the intensity a notch or two. It was impossible for her not to do well with her level of dedication. She’s still working on not locking her arms out, but her shots are on point, her technique is solid, and her attitude is fortified with confidence. She pushes herself, she’s disciplined, and she rocks a @trexarms ‪#‎sidecar‬ and stock ‪#‎glock19‬

Her Instagram feed is also solid

Well it takes up my whole body ? But I like it ? #trexarmskydex

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